Social Media’s Impact on Recruiting

Posted on March 22, 2012 by Greg Corson
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With over 135 million members on LinkedIn, 225 million users on Twitter, and 800 million active Facebook users, social media is impacting every department in every corporation’s “Social Business” whether it’s Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, or Logistics. Jobvite’s study “33 Essential Social Recruiting States – 2011” reveals, that people interact much more online than in person, causing changes in the way they relate to each other. Therefore, beyond any doubt, the effect of social media on recruiting is pushing a paradigm shift.

The difference is transparency, Relational IT’s CEO Greg Corson recently stated “The online environment is now, more than ever, a two sided mirror. Social media enables employers, employees, and potential employees to research and assess one another like never before – we now must manage our Social Businesses as a core component of our strategic planning”.

From a job candidates’ perspective, social media is the new competitive environment where new rules apply to the old game of recruitment – may the best person get the job. The best candidates have learned how to use personal branding to stand out from the crowd by identifying and articulating a consistent personal message and brand image across social media platforms. Apart from updating their resume and cover letter, candidates must also keep their social profiles relevant and consistent before contacting a recruiter or applying for jobs.

From the employer and recruiter’s perspective, adopting social media into their daily activities needs a constantly reviewed strategy to take full advantage of innovation and change. Being involved in networking to openly communicate with people is a good start, but to truly ride the wave of social media recruitment to its advantage, every employer needs to make sure that current and relevant information is regularly posted on their networking pages, providing present employees and job seekers with an accurate view of their company’s competitive advantage to help source both active and passive candidates.

Is social media alone reliable enough to make such important judgments? Can we really tell only by looking at a candidate’s profile if that person’s overall personality would match the job profile?

The professionals at Relational IT believe that a thorough evaluation of a person’s capabilities still goes deeper than social media can provide and can only be effectively achieved through personal contact and building trusted relationships. Social media will enhance, but never replace traditional one-to-one recruiting methods.

Despite Jobvite‘s study reporting that 89% of US companies use social media for recruiting, social media is only at the beginning of achieving its full potential. Over the next few years, the social media phenomenon will become better defined and implemented. It is expected that recruiting companies will include social media tools in their Social Business strategy to succeed in recruiting and retaining the needed talent.