Consulting Services

 IT Assessments

Our proven methodology helps you reduce the amount of time keeping the lights on, which frees up valuable time and money to work on strategic projects such as Internet of Things, Social, Mobile or Big Data

We analyze and review the following areas

  • Budget
  • Perception/relationships
  • Common issues
  • Organization
  • Networks and applications

Cloud Strategy

  • What makes the most sense? Private cloud? Hybrid Cloud? Public cloud?
  • How much cloud is right?
  • How can we ensure we are secure and compliant?
  • Will cloud really save us money?
  • How do we integrate cloud systems into our IT environment?
These are all questions that we have helped others answer. We are experts in Cloud and can help make sure that you make the best decisions for you and your company.

Cloud Scoring

Proven methodology to avoid mis-steps and ensure the right decisions are made
Uses expertise gained over millions of dollars of contracts and decades of negotiations
Reviews over 65 metrics covering Company, Legal, Openness, Usability, Development (CLOUD)
Leverage third party analysis to avoid costly mistakes
Quick, focused, cost effective engagements to chose the right solution

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