Project Based Staffing

Relational IT takes a holistic approach to staffing a project.  While similar to contract staffing because the technical management of personnel and work flow remain under our your control, Relational IT takes on more of an offensive coordinator’s role overseeing the management of an entire team’s timely on and off-boarding, knowledge transfer, technical training and human resource responsibilities.  Our agile methodology enables pure flexibility and can include near and offshore resources, as well as people working on and off-site in order to achieve the budget, technical and timing demands of meeting your organization’s market opportunity.

Engaging with Relational IT for Project Based Staffing initiates a full project life-cycle relationship.

More proactive and transparent than traditional contract staffing.  A Relational IT project manager works exclusively with you to develop the timing of the needed Contract, Contract to Hire, and Full Time personnel while overlaying any necessary technical, product, and market training –  all of which become integrated within an evolving scope of deliverables.

Relational IT’s Project Based Staffing model is completely transparent using fixed margins on the hourly rates of the dedicated personnel and services using consolidated billing and a deeper level of involvement than traditional contract staffing.

Can Project Based Staffing help your organization meet its short and long term goals?