Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

Contract, Temporary, Contingent – whatever you call it, our mutual goal is the same.  It’s all about speed and Relational IT’s relationships in the marketplace make it happen.  In our new and increasingly complex technical environment, having the right talent at the right time is a key competitive differentiator.  Quickly sourcing well qualified subject matter expertise with know-how in your industry and technology is an art.  Skip steps and a multitude of things go wrong.  Relational IT rapidly comprehends technical and budget requirements, constraints and challenges, and by combining Talent, Technology & Teamwork; Relational IT will locate the most competent and immediately available professional IT contractors who are ready to interview and hit the ground running in order to make immediate and effective contributions on your project and collaborate with your team.

It’s our job to look at resumes, not yours!

Quickly locating people with in-demand IT skills is what Relational IT does … but it’s not always easy.  Relational IT will not waste your time … We will always pre-qualify people to confirm their credentials; our submittals will include a comprehensive summary outlining the highlights of each candidate’s strengths, rate and other important qualifiers that you should know first … before reading a resume and booking the time to interview.

You focus on IT work – we will handle the back office work

Our job doesn’t end when an assignment begins!  The arrival of a contractor at your facility is just the initiation of a new set of Relational IT’s responsibilities.  You should fully expect Relational IT’s back office systems and personnel to thoroughly manage our workforce on a timely and accurate basis.  Relational IT has automated the contractual, on-boarding, compliance, time and expense, payroll, benefits, and off-boarding processes using current and innovative cloud based technologies.

The contract staffing process should take days, not weeks!