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IT Professionals are not Commodities

Whether you are seeking to quietly and confidentially upgrade your career into a new Full Time employment role or prefer Contracting on a local or national scope; allow Relational IT to help you succeed.

Each client ~ employee relationship is unique … be unique!

Be known and referred in today’s marketplace by fellow professionals!  From a job seekers’ perspective, social media is the new competitive environment where new rules apply to the old game of landing a job at which you can make a positive difference.  The best candidates have learned how to use personal branding within the evolving social media channels to stand out from the crowd by identifying and articulating a consistent personal message; and then branding that image across the appropriate social media platforms.  Staying current and active in the technical community of your expertise by adding valuable insights to ongoing conversations and by inviting a two-way referral strategy will only help build your network and increase the visibility of your profile.

The professionals at Relational IT speak with recruiters and hiring managers every day at large and small companies throughout New England and beyond.  Our valuable insight into the technology trends that are driving employment today and into the future can be followed by tuning into our blog posts, tweets and by joining us on LinkedIn and Facebook.  We take great pride in the relationships that we build with active and passive candidates – please follow us and contact us when you are ready to put your career action plan into place.

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